10 Surprising Health Benefits of Lemon Water

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Water is the best beverage for hydrating the body as it has no additives and no calories.


A glass or two of lemon water added to the daily routine may fulfill a person’s daily water needs and may relieve constipation.

Helps with digestion

Oxidative stress is caused by the body’s internal processes and by external factors, such as environmental elements and the food you eat.

oxidative stress

Dietary iron has two types – heme iron from meat and other animal products and non-heme iron found in vegetables

iron absorption

Lemon juice contains vitamin C, which is a potent lightening substance for skin blemishes. 

dark spots and freckles

Citric acid, or citrate, is a compound found in lemon that is a potent inhibitor of kidney stone formation. 

kidney stones

Generally, increasing your water intake may help you lose weight. 

weight loss

Lemons contain polyphenols, which are potent antioxidant micronutrients. 

Boosts metabolism

Before adding sweetener to your morning coffee or oatmeal, sip on lemon water and mindfully add less sugar than usual. 

sweet taste sensitivity

Potassium is necessary for healthy heart function and normal blood pressure levels through the relaxation of blood vessel walls.

Provides potassium

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