10 Sweet Taco Additions You Should Try

Dried chile marmelada

Martinez says central Mexico makes one of the best sweet and spicy sauces. He informed us, "there are a lot of people who make pepper jams, primarily with dried chiles."

Habañero jam

Pepper jams can be made with fresh or dried chillies. Like marmelada, you choose the chile. Martinez like habañero.

Caramelized onion salsa

Caramelized onions and serrano chilies make another delicious salsa Martinez gushed about in the conversation.

Grilled pineapple

Al pastor tacos incorporate fruit to add sweetness. Thin slices of chile-marinated pork are loaded onto a vertical barbecue spit to make al pastor.

Mango salsa

Mango is a natural salsa ingredient. Mango's tropical, acidic taste complements savory ingredients and adds sweetness.


You can still use mole sauce to add chocolate to your tacos even after the Choco Taco is gone.


Coconut pairs nicely with spicy and flavorful taco tastes. Martinez cooks coconut-roasted fish tacos with salsa matcha.

Orange juice

Orange juice works well for adding sweetness to taco filler marinades. Martinez makes steak tacos norteños with an orange juice marinade.


Vegetarian taco recipes benefit from plantain. Black beans and fried sweet plantains create tasty vegetable tacos. Fried plantains would also be fun on beef tacos.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes complement black beans in vegetarian or vegan tacos, like plantains. The earthy beans and sugary potato make a great pair.

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