11 Plant-Based Meat Cooking Tips

Choose The Right Plant-Based Meat For Your Recipe

First, determine the best plant-based meat for your dish. Instead of 'fake' food, think of plant-based meat as a replacement.

Let It Marinate To Infuse More Flavor

Some plant-based meats are flavorful, while others require a boost to shine. Tofu, chick'n shawarma, oyster mushroom scallops, seitan, and plant-based bacon marinate well.

Don't Be Afraid To Give It A Good Sear

Crispy borders and a juicy inside are the holy grail of protein preparation.

Season, Season Again, And Season Some More

All chefs—professional and amateur—agree that seasoning is crucial to cooking. Seasoning blends the natural tastes of products to make delicious cuisine.

Add Some Smoky Flavor Notes

Barbecues, grills, and tandoor ovens provide a tantalizing smokey fragrance. Smoke comes from burning wood, according to Smoked BBQ Source.

Make It Saucy

Everything's better with sauce. From spicy sauce to teriyaki sauce, spaghetti sauce, and dipping sauce, it enhances plant-based meats.

Boost The Umami

According to Japanese food company Ajinomoto, umami means "essence of deliciousness" and adds nuanced savory nuances to whatever it's introduced to.

Don't Skimp On The Fat

Meat can usually be cooked without oil. Philips says the meat's inherent fats cook it. When fried, grilled, or baked, plant-based meats release less fat and require more support.

Don't Overcook, Keep It Juicy

Plant-based meats approximate texture. Texture makes food appealing, whether it's luscious, juicy, or soft.

Try Making Your Own Plant-Based Meats

We'd be remiss if we didn't discuss the benefits of producing your own plant-based meats. You may customize the ingredients, tastes, and textures.

Don't Treat It Exactly Like Meat

Plant-based meat has won both vegans and omnivores in recent years, but it will always vary from animal meat.

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