One-third of the population lacks iodine. Iodine insufficiency causes adult thyroid issues. It could affect your baby's intelligence and growth.


Cod liver oil is high in omega-3s, vitamins D and A. It's not recommended to take more than 1–2 tablespoons each day.

Cod Liver Oil

Yellow peppers are high in vitamin C.Essential vitamin C. Water-soluble, so your body doesn't keep more. Vitamin C intake is vital.

Yellow Bell Peppers

Small, nutrient-rich sardines. Fresh sardines can be grilled, smoked, or pickled.


Clams and oysters are healthy shellfish. They also include potassium, selenium, and iron.


Brazil nuts are a selenium-rich food Selenium is vital for thyroid, immunological, and antioxidant function.

Brazil Nuts

Vitamin B12 is crucial since many individuals lack it. Cell, brain, and nervous system health depend on it. Liver is high in B12, A, and copper.


Kale is high in K1, C, and copper. One serving of fresh kale offers 100% of these nutrients' RDI.


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