North American bald eagle. It forms a species pair with the white-tailed eagle, which fills the bald eagle's Palearctic niche.

Bald eagle

Bison are huge Bovini in the genus Bison. Extant and extinct species are recognised. The American bison, B. bison, is the more numerous of the two species.


The polar bear's native range includes the Arctic Ocean, neighbouring oceans, and land masses. It's the largest living bear and land carnivore.

Polar bear

Manatees are big, herbivorous sea cows. Amazonian, West Indian, and West African manatees are three of the four living Sirenia species.


The moose or elk is the largest and heaviest New World deer species. Adult male moose have large, palmate antlers; most deer have dendritic antlers.


Bald-headed and jowly, these scavengers aren't pretty, but they have a dinosaur-like mystique, and any birdwatcher would be lucky to see one.

 California condor

The grizzly bear is a North American subspecies of the brown bear. Other North American brown bear morphologies are also called grizzlies.

Grizzly bear

A species of artiodactyl mammal that is native to the interior western and central regions of North America is called the pronghorn.

Pronghorn antelope

North American bighorn sheep. Huge horns. Sheep can weigh 143 kg and have 14 kg horns. One of Ovis canadensis' three subspecies is endangered.

Bighorn sheep

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