The American quarter horse is popular with English and Western riders. Quarter horses are even-tempered and wonderful starter horses.

American Quarter Horse

Arabs are fiery. They were fast, tough warhorses. Many Arabs are trustworthy and quiet. A calm horse is less prone to startle.

Arabian Horse

Thoroughbreds are racehorses and may be too much for novices. Retired racehorses that bolt at the sound of a firearm should be avoided.


Paint horses are heavily quarter horse-bred. They're social and relaxed. They may create deep ties and are good with kids.

American Paint Horse

Morgans are great family horses. These horses are alert, social, and eager to please. They're forgiving for beginners. With skilled riders, they respond quickly.


Kentucky mountain horses are gaited, which makes for a smoother ride. Your body rarely moves in the saddle during the ride.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Another comfortable gaited breed is the Missouri fox trotter. Its characteristic foxtrot gait. The horse walks with its head down and tail up, keeping one foot on the ground.

Missouri Fox Trotter Horse

Icelandic horses are sure-footed, hardy, and long-lived. Some can live up to 40 years and aren't ready for riding until age 4. Their lower height makes them less intimidating to beginner riders.

Icelandic Horse

Beginners like Clydesdales' gentle temperament. These horses are docile and forgiving of novice mistakes. Size is their biggest flaw.


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