You're going to need a way to get the food from your house to the location of the picnic.


If, rather than eating at a picnic table, you intend to eat on the ground, you should seek for a picnic blanket that is not only foldable, but also water resistant and simple to clean.

A picnic blanket

You are going to require some utensils unless you just plan on providing dishes that can be eaten with your fingers. 

Cutlery & napkins

Even if you are not drinking alcohol that is sealed with a cap or a cork, you are still required to do this. It is pretty much a must.


Raw meat for a barbeque requires multiple cutting surfaces. Raw meat is prone to bacterial contamination (and more than one knife).

 Cutting board & knives

Maintain a basic first aid kit at all times and carry it with you.

Safety first

Bring foods that carry well, are mess-free, and are easy to hold. Bring pretzels, popcorn, or chips. These don't deteriorate and are picnic staples.

Food, snacks, and treats

Always carry some type of entertainment, such as a multi-player card game, portable corn-hole, or a guitar.

 Games & entertainment

Cleaning is the last thing you want to do on a good day, but it's necessary.

Clean-up essentials

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