The Abyssinian is a caring and inquisitive cat who likes to know what their owner is doing so they may help.


Exotic cats are a friendly, lively breed with a round, flat face and huge, round eyes.


Kind, curious LaPerm cats have wavy, curly fur. LaPerms are pleasant, active cats that relax when their owners do and play when they see a toy.


 Persians are the CFA's most popular breed. Long, fluffy fur, large eyes, flat face. Calm and friendly, Persians prefer to watch their owners


Raymond said Siberians mew, trill, chirp, and purr. They seek out people who need psychological or spiritual aid.


The Selkirk Rex is patient, caring, and tolerant. Fans enjoy their silky, long or short coats.

Selkirk Rex

Raymond stated sphynxes perform ridiculous actions to get attention. Friendly Sphynx cats cuddle on human laps.


Siamese cats are the ultimate "people" cat. Siamese cats are boisterous, enjoy laps, and help around the house.


The people-oriented, muscular Tonkinese is a popular companion cat. Tonkinese are lively, loving lap cats.


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