This small-space-loving vine grows quickly. It does nicely in dark or dim rooms. Its dense foliage absorbs indoor pollutant formaldehyde.

English Ivy

The peace lily is one of the few air filters that flowers. It adapts well to low light but requires weekly watering and is toxic to dogs.

Peace Lily

Lady palm, an easy-to-grow tree-like species, may take a while to flourish. Its fan-like leaves will lend elegance to any place once it blooms. or This plant targets ammonia, a lung foe.

Lady Palm

The Boston fern, popularised in the Victorian era, has feather-like leaves and curled fronds. It's one of the most effective air purifiers, but it requires regular moisture and humidity.

Boston Fern

Sharp-leafed mother-in-tongue law's grows in low light. It absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen at night. Pot a couple and place them in your bedroom for a little oxygen boost.

Snake Plant

Flexible fast-growing vine. You can grow it in a hanging basket or on a trellis. Dark green leaves with golden streaks and marbling are eye-catching.

Golden Pothos

This semiwoody succulent produces clusters of flat white, pink, or red blooms throughout June.

Wax Begonia

This 15-foot-tall slow-growing shrub is compact and takes minimal space. High ceilings, moderate light, and water are recommended. Red-tipped leaves are eye-catching.

Red-Edged Dracaena

The spider plant grows long, grassy leaves and hanging stems that yield plantlets—hence its name.

Spider Plant

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