Apples are high in fibre (most is in the skin, so leave it on), making them a great snack. Peanut or almond butter gives each bite protein.


Pears are a crisp snack packed of fibre. A study suggests that consuming entire Bartlett and Starkrimson pears may assist with type-2 diabetes.


Strawberries are antioxidant-, fiber-, and vitamin C-rich. Serve them on porridge, yoghurt, or in a salad with spinach and walnuts.


As the banana ripens, its sugar level increases, so choose a greener one, adds Khan.


All berries are good for diabetics due to their antioxidant content, but tart blackberries have double the fibre of the strawberry.


In-season peaches are sweet and juicy. Peaches contain bioactive chemicals that may combat obesity-related diabetes.


This fuzzy fruit is high in vitamin C and low in sugar; slice it for cottage cheese or yoghurt.


Khan says even super-sweet oranges have a place in a diabetic diet. One medium orange's 3 g of fibre and 51 mg of vitamin C reduce chronic disease risk.


Plump and juicy fresh cherries are filled with antioxidants that can help manage blood sugar.


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