Chocolate cravings? Dark over milky. In one study, dark chocolate eaters afterwards ate 15% less pizza than milk chocolate eaters.

 Dark Chocolate

Soup can help you eat less at a meal. If the soup is broth-based, chunky or pureed is fine. 100 to 150 calories per serving is ideal. Avoid cream and butter.


You can eat more greens and "cheat" items while cutting calories. Penn State researchers added cauliflower and zucchini to mac & cheese and consumers liked it.


A protein-rich breakfast may prevent midday snacking. The high-protein breakfast seemed to persist into the evening, when the ladies munched less on fatty, sweet items.

Yogurt with berries

Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or pecans are terrific on-the-go snacks. Nut-eaters eat less at later meals, according to research.


Apples are fiber- and vitamin-rich. They include antioxidants like vitamin E and polyphenols that boost health.


Yogurt is slimming. Yogurt was the food most connected to weight loss. Yogurt stood out, but that doesn't indicate it caused weight loss.


Grapefruit juice is grapefruit juice. Vitamin C-rich and sweet-tart to sour. White, pink, and red grapefruit juices are available.


Beans are inexpensive, filling, and adaptable. Fiber-rich beans are sluggish to digest. You'll feel full longer, which may prevent overeating.


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