Lemon trees are good patio and winter house plants. Lemons grow best in zones 9-11, although you can bring a potted tree indoors at night.

Lemon tree

Peaches are low-maintenance fruit trees. Peaches bloom early in the season, therefore if frost is still present, fruit yield may be affected.

Peach Tree

When cooked, the pear-shaped fruits become sweeter. Quince jams and jellies are excellent. Their smell can be used to perfume a room.

Quince Tree

As they flower early in the season, there aren't enough pollinating insects to support them naturally, so you'll need to help them to ensure a large crop.

Apricot Tree

Cherry trees are among the most beautiful fruit trees, with their spring blossoms. These trees have red berries in the summer and are great for autumn colour.

Cherry Tree

Mulberries are rarely available fresh in supermarkets, so they're perfect for cultivating. Mulberries taste sweet and sour, like blackberries, but are unique.

Mulberries Tree

Pears have spring flowers and fall colours, making them a gorgeous fruit tree. Their taste ranges from sweet and mild to sour and subtle. Raw, they make delicious tarts.

Pears Tree

Plum trees grow easily and produce abundantly. Plums make delicious pastries and jams, and eating plums are a popular sweet fruit.

Plum trees

Apples are one of the easiest and most versatile fruits to grow. Once established, apples are low-maintenance;

Apples trees

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