Bananas provide 112 calories and are mostly water and carbs. Low-protein, low-fat. Unripe bananas are carbohydrate- and starch-rich. Ripeness boosts flavour and fibre.

Rich in nutrients

Bananas are soluble fiber-rich. Soluble fibre forms a gel during digestion. It gives bananas a spongey feel. Unripe bananas contain resistant starch, which isn't absorbed.

Sugar levels

Dietary fibre benefits include better digestion. One medium-sized banana has 3 g fibe

Digestive health

Bananas are low-calorie. A banana provides 100 calories but is healthful and filling. More fibre from vegetables and fruits is connected to weight loss.

 Weight loss

Potassium is important for heart and blood pressure health. Few people consume enough potassium. Medium-sized bananas (126 grammes) provide 10% of the DV for potassium.

Support heart health

Bananas are an antioxidant-rich fruit. They include flavonoids and amines, powerful antioxidants.

Full of antioxidants

Bananas' soluble fibre may make you feel full by bulking up and slowing digestion. Bananas are calorie-dense but small.

May help you feel fuller

Eating resistant starch, such as unripe bananas, may enhance insulin sensitivity, according to studies. This could make your body more sensitive to insulin.

Insulin resistance

Sweat loses electrolytes. After sweating, eating a banana might reduce cramps and stiffness.

support exercise recovery

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