Aloe, believed everlasting by the ancient Egyptians, is antioxidant-rich and regenerative. Aloe water heals wounds and cleanses the intestines.

Aloe Water

Because they're so sweet, some call beets nature's candy. Beets have natural sugar. This delicious veggie is very nutritious.

Beet Juice

Coconut water without sugar or flavourings is healthier than bottled alternatives. Low in sodium and high in potassium, coconut water hydrates better than water.

Coconut Water

Guayusa boosts energy. Ecuadorians and Colombians drank guayusa in the morning. Guayusa has caffeine like coffee but more antioxidants and heart-healthy chlorogenic acids.

Guayusa Tea

Milk has a greater capacity to hydrate than water does. Lactose and protein in milk both contribute to increased water retention.


Smoothies are another way to get more nutrients. You can add fruit, spinach, kale, or moringa powder. Protein and healthy fats can convert a healthy drink into a meal.


Probiotics promote "good" gut flora and battle "bad" bacteria that impede digestion. Probiotics are available in pills, meals, and liquids.

Probiotic Water

It tastes like maple since it's tapped from a maple tree. Manganese and sugars hydrate you.

Maple Water

Chlorophyll extracts are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidative. It's healthy to drink chlorophyll every day, although dosage varies by form.

Chlorophyll Water

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