Kiwis can cause allergic responses. Eat it carefully.


Overeating kiwi can cause edoema, say studies. Overeating kiwi can cause anaphylaxis.


Overeating kiwi has caused OAS in many. Mouth, lips, and tongue expand with OAS. It causes mouth tingling and itching.

Oral allergies

High-kiwi-consumers may get dermatitis.


If you're pregnant or nursing, ask your doctor about kiwi. Overeating this fruit during pregnancy is unhealthy.

Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

Most persons with latex allergy also acquire kiwi allergy. If you're allergic to latex, avoid kiwi and kiwi-containing items.


vomiting, nausea, and diarrhoea are kiwi fruit side effects. It can cause fainting and swallowing difficulties.


According to several studies, eating this fruit with other anti-fungal drugs can be addictive.

Drug Interactions

Overeating kiwi can cause pancreatitis. This delectable fruit has potassium, serotonin, Vitamins C and E. High dosages of these components can affect blood triglyceride levels and injure the pancreas.

Pancreatitis Problem

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