Exercise lowers blood pressure. Regular exercise strengthens and improves the efficiency of your heart, lowering artery pressure.

Exercise often

If you have high blood pressure, reducing salt may help. Instead of salt, season fresh dishes with herbs and spices.

Cut salt

Alcohol elevates BP. Alcohol raises blood pressure. It causes 16% of global high blood pressure. 

Drink less alcohol

Important mineral potassium. It reduces salt and blood vessel pressure. Modern diets have raised salt and decreased potassium.

 potassium intake

Caffeine gives you an instant boost if you drink it before having your blood pressure tested. Caffeine may have a bigger effect on non-consumers.

Reduce caffeine

Stress raises blood pressure. Chronic stress puts the body in fight-or-flight state. This entails a higher heart rate and constricted blood vessels.

Manage stress

Here's sound counsel. Small amounts of dark chocolate may be heart-healthy. Flavonoids in dark chocolate and cocoa powder constrict blood arteries.

Dark chocolate

A decrease in body mass helps bring blood pressure down. Exercise boosts its impact.

Lose weight

Heart disease is one reason to quit smoking. Every cigarette inhalation raises blood pressure temporarily. Tobacco compounds harm blood vessels.

Quit smoking

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