Banana prevents stomach ulcers from hyperacidity. It protects the stomach against GI-disrupting microorganisms.

Improve digestion

Heart-healthy bananas. Electrolytes, potassium, and minerals help the heart. Banana is potassium- and sodium-rich. It may also lower blood pressure.

Improve heart health

Magnesium may help with post-workout discomfort. Magnesium-rich bananas may increase lean muscle mass by aiding muscular contraction and relaxation.

Lean muscle building

Bananas contain Fructooligosaccharides. Fructooligosaccharides boost calcium absorption. Prebiotics may promote bone health.

Bone-health support

Uncomfortable bloating. Banana can fight gas and water retention. It may boost stomach-bloat-fighting bacteria. Potassium-rich, it may help reduce body fluid retention.

 Reduce bloating

Unripe bananas increase satiety. Contains resistant starch. Starch resists digestion. It reduces appetite and fills you up.


Bananas have fibre and antioxidants. One banana contains 112 calories, mostly water and carbs. Protein and fat are scarce.

Rich in nutrients

Banana peel whitens teeth. Rubbing the interior of the banana peel for 2 minutes whitens teeth.

Teeth-whitening aid

Choline-rich bananas (12 mg). Choline targets genes that cause belly fat. Banana chemical burns fat during exercising.

Bananas aid fat loss

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