Avocados nourish skin. Avocados have beneficial lipids, minerals, and vitamins for your skin. Vitamins E and C promote healthy skin.


Walnuts' antioxidants and vitamin B help you have great skin. Vitamin E moisturises the skin and stimulates collagen formation to keep it youthful.


Tomatoes are acne-fighting. Vitamins C and A reduce acne-related inflammation. They may minimise cell-damaging radicals, encouraging healthy skin.


Vitamin C helps collagen formation, cell structure, and immune function. Vitamin C decreases age-related skin damage.


Green tea benefits the skin. Green tea has skin-healthy B2 and E. First supports collagen levels and new skin cell development, while second moisturises imbalanced skin.

Green tea

Berries taste fantastic and promote healthy skin. Berries' antioxidants, fibre, and nutrients help combat acne, eczema, and premature ageing.


Dark chocolate is antioxidant-rich. Dark chocolate helps reduce skin redness when exposed to the sun, protecting it against sunburn, tanning, and other sun disorders.

Dark Chocolate

Pomegranate has the most antioxidants. It has minerals, fibre, A, C, E, and folic acid. It stops ageing, hydrates skin, treats acne and breakouts, and prevents sun damage.


Flax seeds keep the skin nourished and moisturised, tightening and preventing sagging. Its antioxidants also promote healthy skin.

Flax Seeds

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