Parrots with crest feathers are easy to spot. People compare Cockatoos to 2-year-olds because of their intelligence and tendency to throw tantrums.


Macaws are the most popular parrots. 20-50 inches tall, 30-50 years. Macaws need space and time.


Cockatiels are the smallest Cockatoo and are popular in the US. Easy to care for and friendly, they make a great first parrot.


Nine-inch parrots are average. They need little space to thrive. This quiet parrot needs little room and is great for an apartment.

Senegal Parrot

These birds love to travel. They're gregarious, always socialising. Parakeets are best kept in couples or larger groups due to their swarm mentality.


Eclectus parrots are 30-year-olds.  Males have candy-corn beaks and red and blue embellishments. Blue accents and black beaks distinguish red females.

Eclectus Parrots

Amazon parrots are popular pets but require a lot of care. They need constant socialisation. Your Amazon parrot will want a lot of attention each day.

Amazon Parrots

They're noisy and social. They aren't bashful about expressing their emotions. They deviate from the greens and reds of most parrots and are commonly orange and yellow.

 Conure Parrot

These five- to six-and-a-half-inch parrots make terrific pets. Lovebirds have small tail feathers, making them simple to spot.


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