This butterfly prefers damp woodland edges. Red Admirals adore fermented grapes. Overripe cut fruit can attract them to your yard.

Red Admiral

Painted Lady butterflies are found in the U.S. along roadsides, in pastures, and in gardens. This species winters in Mexico and returns in April.

Painted Lady

Their colour and migratory are well-known. Milkweed is the only food source for Monarch caterpillars.


American Lady butterfly wings have eyespots. The butterfly's round patterns scare off predators.

American Lady

Viceroy butterflies are nearly identical to Monarchs. The black stripe on the lower wing distinguishes them. Viceroys but not Monarchs have this line.


They don't like flowers, but they'll land on people. Hackberry Emperors find minerals in soil, rocks, and concrete.

Hackberry Emperor

Their dark-purple wings and red-orange markings help them stand out from predators. They resembled the Pipevine Swallowtail.

 Red-Spotted Purple

White Admirals have 3-to-4-inch wingspan. Upper wings are black and white. The caterpillars have angular bodies and twig-like horns.

 White Admiral

Its cold-weather preference and solitary habit make it difficult to spot. When its wings are folded, it's well-hidden.

Mourning Cloak

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