The accumulation of new experiences increases one's IQ. The health of the brain is improved by both mental and physical struggle.

New challenges

Disconnect for a few days and enjoy nature. Enjoying your surroundings without interruptions could increase your lifespan.


You get more oxygen near trees. When you take your first breath of camp air, serotonin is released from the extra oxygen.


Camping alone is wonderful, but bringing a friend or family member will strengthen your bond. Socializing extends life and delays memory difficulties.


Sunlight can balance brain melatonin levels. Melatonin causes fatigue and depression, thus camping can improve your mood during and after your trip.

Improved moods

Camping reduces stress. Giving yourself some stress-free time at the campsite reduces strain on your mental and physical health.

More Relaxation

Camping promotes physical activity. Even fishing burns more calories than office work, while hiking and bicycling strengthen your heart and lungs.


Sunlight feels good on skin because of evolution. Direct sunlight gives you a tonne of Vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus.


Good camping gear will help you sleep after a day outdoors. Sleep reduces inflammation, boosts the heart, and awakens. Back-to-campers sleep better.


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