The #1 Diet to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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There are a plethora of diets out there that promise to help you shed unwanted pounds without making you suffer the consequences of doing so.

However, according to a new study, the keto diet may be your best bet when it comes to long-term weight loss.At the 8th International Scientific Symposium New Frontiers in Scientific Research

from the PronoKal, patients were put on a low-calorie keto diet, which resulted in both weight loss and weight loss maintenance for those taking part in the study through Medscape.

"To achieve this metabolic state (ketosis), routes that require the combustion of fats are activated, and this induces b," Ana Belén Crujeiras, principal investigator of the Health Research Institute

of Santiago de Compostela-Galician Health Service Group of Epigenomics... & the Biomedical Research Networking Center for Obesity and Nutrition Physiopathology,explained.A low-calorie ketogenic diet,

according to Crujeiras, "has been found to be helpful in lowering fat mass, mainly visceral fat mass, and maintaining weight loss."Given that a 600 to 800 calorie diet will result in weight loss

regardless of whether you're on the keto diet or the high-carb,low-fat diet,it's fair to say that you'll shed pounds regardless of which diet you're on.The challenge arises in keeping the weight loss

long term,' adds Duffy, who claims that "the keto diet is one which cannot be prolonged and when a person goes off the diet, weight recovery can be pretty rapid."Extreme restriction

and guilt over food choices leads to binge eating and a disordered relationship with food," Duffy explains.A low-calorie diet is not something Duffy recommendsto her clients since,

as a dietitian, "little modifications that can become lifelong habits" is more what she wishes them to learn.

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