Best Habits for Memory Loss

The first best habit to prevent memory loss is exercise. When we say exercise, we need to be a little more specific and say that it only counts if it's moderate exercise. To clarify,

1. Exercise

you have to feel out of breath, and it should be relatively hard to hold a conversation while you are doing whatever activity you enjoy.

You should eat a diet low in carbohydrates. What that means is you eat less rice, pasta, white potatoes, white bread, things that your body absorbs very quickly

2. Eat Well

The third best habit is to look at how much time you spend with other people and make sure you have strong social connections. 

3. Work on Your Social Connections

The fourth best habit is to always be learning something new. This could take the form of finding a new hobby to develop,learning how to make something or build something.

4. Learn Something New

Another good habit to always have is taking safety precautions when doing activities. Specifically, we are trying to prevent head injuries.

5. Cover Your Head

Finally, the best habit is to check in with your doctor regularly, and if you are over the age of 50 that means at least once a year.

6. Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Please focus on one thing at a time, do not try to make many changes all at once because habits form best when they happen one at a time.

7. Last Word From Doctor

Take some notes & you can check on many of these things at your next doctor's visit. Also, ask your friends & family for advice because sometimes people who know you well will have good ideas for you


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