Burger King Just Launched Three Major New Sandwiches

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Burger King is about to make your morning routine cheesier! Officially starting today, the chain is selling three hot new breakfast sandwiches that will please both the carnivores

The new Cheesy Breakfast Melts come in three varieties. Each Melt includes your choice of sizzling sausage, crispy bacon, or black forest ham

alongside fluffy folded eggs and two slices of American cheese. It's all cradled between two pieces of round, toasted bread

Burger King has been making several menu changes lately to catch up to its competition. It had fallen to third place behind McDonald's and Wendy's in terms of sales

prompting more innovation. For years, BK and McDonald's rivaled for America's top burger chain, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. In 2020

Wendy's entered the scene with its new breakfast menu, bumping Burger King to the third position in the fast-food wars. Now, Burger King is attempting to regain its status with fans.

Jose Cil, CEO of Burger King's parent company Restaurant Brands International (RBI) spoke about the chain's opportunity to gain headway by ramping up its morning menu. 

During the company's third-quarter 2021 earnings call, he said, "We also view breakfast as one of the most incremental menu and daypart opportunities for the brand."

So, to beef up their game, Burger King chose to add a little excitement to their fare. First, in March with the launch of the Whopper Melts

and now with the unveiling of the Cheesy Breakfast Melts. And we can likely expect to see several more menu additions this year.

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