Luxurious   Bedroom   Environment

Instead of bright colours, use monochrome tones. Blue, lavender, or green are calm and quiet, while emerald or pomegranate are cosy and welcoming


The ceiling is commonly called the fifth wall in a room, yet in a bedroom, you stare at it while sleeping. Adding a subtle pattern or soft colour may transform a room.


Just keep the essentials in your bedroom. Home needs a bed, dresser, and chair. Clutter of any form can cause disorder or disarray.

Decorate sparingly

Start by drafting a floor plan and measuring the room before buying bedroom furniture. Bedroom furniture should fit the room

Furniture Size

A trunk or storage bench by the bed can hold additional linens, blankets, and pillows. For books and accessories, utilise a headboard with shelves or sliding panels.


Give yourself a reading nook. A comfortable chair and footstool at the end of your bed or in a corner make a reading or lounging area.

Private Nook

A well-dressed window frames the view and adds colour, pattern, texture, and tenderness to a bedroom.

Cover the Windows

"Layer" your bedroom's lights. Small lamps can focus light for reading and other activities, and accent lighting softly illuminates the walls.

Alternative lighting

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