The Greyhound's small, aerodynamic cranium and shock-absorbing paw pads enable it accomplish rapid speeds.


The Saluki is a member of the hound group and is recognised for its gentle, dignified temperament and independence. The Arabs utilised the breed to hunt gazelle, the fastest animal.


Whippets are speedy by name alone. Whippets can achieve speeds of 35 mph and were initially designed to hunt small wildlife.


Dalmatians are swift and have a strong working and sporting heritage. The breed's speed and endurance made it ideal as a coach dog.


Dobermans are tough. Its compact, muscular, strong build helps it run fast. Obedient and healthy, the Doberman is a fantastic family pet, but they're quite active

Doberman Pinscher

The athletic Border Collie has a high drive and is very energetic. Bred to be a good herder, the Border Collie is hardworking and agile.

Border Collie

The Vizsla seems like it's always running. The Vizsla is a slim predator with great power and drive. It's an energetic, easily-trained breed.


This beautiful, quick, noble breed is smart. Medium-sized dogs with a strong, clean-cut frame are properly proportioned for rapid, straightforward movements and are always alert.

Pharaoh Hound

Parson Russell Terriers are active, alert, and enthusiastic despite their small size. This terrier is fast and confident.

Parson Russell Terrier

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