Eight Reasons to Take Fish Oil

Fish oil supplementation may ease psychiatric symptoms. Increasing omega-3 consumption may have this impact.


Fish prevents eye problems. Unknown if fish oil supplements have the same impact.


Because it has anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil can help reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.


Skin is the body's biggest organ and contains omega-3s. Skin health declines with ageing and sun exposure. Fish oil supplements may help psoriasis and dermatitis.


Omega-3 fatty acids aid neonatal growth. Fish oil may improve hand-eye coordination in pregnant women or newborns. Their learning and IQ impact is unknown.


The liver processes most body fat, which may cause weight gain. Improved liver function and inflammation may lower NAFLD symptoms and liver fat.


Neurodevelopmental disorders impact children's learning and development. Fish oil supplements prevent hyperactivity, inattention, and other behaviours.


Omega-3 intake is linked to better bone density, which may prevent bone disease. Fish oil supplements may not be effective.


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