Foods Proven to Lead to High BP

1. bREAD

"Many types are considered healthy, like whole wheat, but it is very hard to find low sodium bread. Unless you look for low-sodium bread intentionally, know you often will be consuming

more sodium than you expected, which can lead to high blood pressure."Ditch the bread at lunch and opt for a meal that predominantly comprises vegetables

2. Deli Meat

Deli meat is a staple lunch ingredient, especially for lunches and dinners on the go or quick meals at home, it's loaded in sodium and can be harmful to your health

"Eating a turkey sandwich from the deli or adding roast beef to your salads may seem healthy and low in fat, but the sodium is sky high and can result in high blood pressure

3. Cheese

"There is a lot of sodium hidden in cheese and since it finds its way into so many meals and cuisines, it is hard to avoid even if you try,"

"The sodium from cheese paired with the saturated fat is an unhealthy combo when eaten in [big] quantities, especially when it comes to high blood pressure."

4. High Processed Foods

"Consistently consuming an unhealthy diet, including one with too much sodium, can eventually lead to developing high blood pressure,"

Following a healthy overall eating pattern that is low in sodium can help to control or lower blood pressure and be part of an effective treatment plan for hypertension."

Try DASH DIET To Lower Blood Pressure

the DASH diet helps to reduce blood pressure through the consumption of heart-healthy foods.

This includes vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, legumes, lean protein, and olive oil. It also calls for a limited intake of saturated fat, sodium, and encourages increased consumption of fiber


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