Foods That Deplete Your Stamina

White bread, pasta, and rice contain processed grains. They have less nutrients and may raise blood sugar, which saps energy.

White Bread, Pasta&Rice

High-sugar foods sap rather than promote energy. They may also increase sugar cravings, creating a vicious, energy-draining cycle.

Added Sugar Food

Too much alcohol, especially before night, can affect sleep quality and duration, leaving you exhausted the next day.


Moderate coffee use boosts energy and has other benefits. Long-term, relying on coffee for energy instead of healthy nutrition and sleep can backfire.


Energy drinks improve energy temporarily. Their high sugar and caffeine content can diminish sleep duration and quality and make you feel fatigued.

Energy Drinks

Fast food is lacking in nutrition, fat, and fibre. They can impede digestion and displace energy-boosting substances, diminishing your vitality over time.

Fried & Fast Foods

Diet foods don't energise. They can also cause you to eat fewer calories than your body needs, affecting your hormones, metabolism, and energy.

Low-Calorie Foods

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