For Hanging Baskets, these are the best flowers

Fuchsias in hanging baskets need a little TLC. Misting, fertilising, and deadheading everyday help plants thrive.


Halfhearted Begonia boliviensis has pendulous, tubular flowers like fuchsias. In hanging baskets, Nonstop Mocca tuberous begonias look like roses.


Pelargoniums are perfect for hanging baskets due to their bold texture, vibrant colours, and trailing habit. Keep plants blooming until frost by deadheading.


Lobelia erinus is a gushing spring plant that thrives in moderate temps. Your hanging basket will be covered in electric-blue blooms with white throats.


Rainy and humid weather can induce petunia petal blight. Milliflora blooms without pinching in hot, wet summers.


Moss rose needs full sun. In shadow, flowers shut. Spiderwort adds colour between moss rose flowers.


Hanging alyssum baskets smell like clouds. Bees and butterflies love these honey-scented flowers. Trim sweet alyssum's trailing habit in summer.

Sweet Alyssum

Lotus berthelotii, or lotus vine or parrot's beak vine, is in decline in its native habitat yet easy to grow from seed and cuttings.

Lotus Vine

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