Health Benefits of Eating Papaya

Papaya contains vitamins C and A, fibre, and healthful plant components. It contains the meat-tenderizing enzyme papain.


Free radicals are reactive chemicals generated by metabolism. They can cause disease-causing oxidative stress. Papaya's carotenoids neutralise free radicals.


Papaya lowers free radicals. Papaya may affect other fruits differently. Papaya was the only antioxidant-rich fruit or vegetable to fight breast cancer cells.


Papayas are strong in carotenoids that reduce inflammation, which is at the basis of many ailments.


Papaya may improve heart health. Papaya's vitamin C and lycopene concentration may lessen heart disease risk.


Papain can help digest protein. Papaya improves IBS symptoms like constipation. The seeds and other plant parts cure ulcers.


Papaya's antioxidants can heal UV damage and prevent wrinkles. Papaya is good for your body and your skin.


Papaya is nutritious and tasty. Its antioxidants like lycopene may lessen your risk of numerous ailments, including heart disease and cancer.


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