Horseback riding's health benefits

Riding requires coordination. The rider must coordinate her motions with the horse's and steer it around barrels and barriers.


Core is a rider's strongest muscle. Proper riding posture needs core and back/chest muscle exercise. Balance on horse requires a strong core.


Mind-bending. You remember how you interacted, replied, and solved difficulties. Your brain stores new information to help you repeat tasks.


When you're well, try a jumping course, trail ride, or horse show. Riding requires problem-solving. If your horse won't obey, act immediately to keep safe and in control.


Horseback riding increases socialisation. You'll know your horse, instructor, riders, and barn staff. The horse community is gregarious and willing to assist one other learn.


Riding relaxes riders. The horse's natural rhythm relaxes and stimulates the rider's joints, muscles, and spine.


Horse races differ. Races, jumps, Dressage, and rodeos involve horses. Show preparation can motivate and challenge riders.


Stronger riders. Riders do rigorous activity even while not riding. Stabling, hauling, and grooming horses increase muscle.


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