Vitamin D is in mushrooms. Due to its vitamin d concentration, you should eat it four times a week.


Cheese is vitamin d-rich. Cheese is the easiest and tastiest way to get vitamin d. Ricotta is the highest-vitamin-d cheese.


All fish are high in Vitamin D, from mackerel to eels. More oily or fatty fish, like a thick salmon fillet, have more Vitamin D.


Vitamin D-rich eggs. Egg yolk contains vitamins. For a healthy dosage of vitamins, use the whole egg, including the whites.


Soaked, dried, and ground soybeans form this plant-based milk. Soymilk has almost as much protein as cow's milk, but it's high in Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and iron.


Oatmeal and cereals are vitamin-fortified. Check the label to get enough vitamin D. Cereals like ragi, barley, and soybean atta.

Fortified cereals

One glass of milk provides 20% of daily vitamin D. Always choose whole fat milk since skimming removes the fat-soluble vitamin D


Butter helps the body absorb vitamin D and other antioxidants. Quantity matters.


Vitamin D is in red meat, offal, and liver. One 25g steak has 15IU of vitamin D, while 100g of braised beef ribs has 27IU.

Red Meat

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