Major Side Effect of Eating Sugar

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Whether you haven't been able to give up your soda habit or you make dessert a part of your daily meal plan, it likely comes as no surprise that refined sugar isn't exactly a healthy

In addition to causing spikes in blood glucose, which can lead to hunger and cravings, sugar is widely known to be linked to obesity and tooth decay.

However, there's one major side effect of eating sugar that even folks with a serious sweet tooth probably don't know about: Eating sugar is a strong predictor

"When you eat sugar, it rapidly absorbs into the bloodstream and causes an increase in blood glucose. This rapid increase in blood glucose causes the pancreas to release insulin. 

Regular spikes in blood glucose and insulin, due to regular overconsumption of sugar, will lead to inflammation and non-alcoholic fatty liver," 

According to a 2018 meta-analysis published in the Journal of Hepatology, excessive consumption of sugar—and sugar-sweetened beverages in particular

Fortunately, cutting down on the amount of sugar in your diet may significantly reduce the damage caused by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

The development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease isn't the only serious side effect eating sugar can have on this vital organ, however. 

If you want to play it safe and protect your liver health both now and in the future, cutting back on your daily sugar intake is a great place to start. 


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