Antioxidants, menthol, and phytonutrients help digestion. Mint's antimicrobial, antiseptic properties alleviate stomach cramps, acidity, and gas.


Pudina relieves coughing. Mint's methanol loosens lung mucus and shrinks nasal membranes, improving breathing. Pudina overuse irritates airways.

Treats asthma

Pudina's menthol content relaxes muscles and relieves discomfort. Pudina juice can relieve headaches.

Cures headaches

Aromatherapists often utilise mint. Pudina smells relaxing. Mint modulates blood cortisol, lowering stress.

Reduces stress, depression

Pudina's antioxidants eliminate free radicals, producing clean, young skin. Pudina moisturises, eliminates dead skin cells and debris from pores, and tones skin.

Healthy Skin

Pudina leaves promote dental health. Pudina freshens breath. Peppermint mouthwash promotes healthy gums and teeth.

Oral care

Restore brain function and memory. Pudina improves alertness, memory, and other cognitive processes.

Memory is enhanced.

Pudina aids weight loss. Pudina's essential oils enhance bile flow and assist digestion. It improves nutrition absorption.

Weight-loss aid

Pudina helps. Most rubs and inhalers contain mint. Mint clears nasal, bronchial, and lung congestion. Mint also soothes coughing irritation.

Cold remedy

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