The stalks of the rhubarb plant are edible, but the leaves can be deadly and cause trouble breathing, burning of the mouth and throat, and even seizures.

Rhubarb Leaves

There are potentially harmful chemicals called glycoalkaloids found in raw and green potatoes that should never be consumed.


Raw red kidney beans are more dangerous than white ones. Four or five of these can cause foodborne disease via lectin.

Red Kidney Beans

Untrained people should never eat raw or cooked wild mushrooms. Most store mushrooms can be eaten raw, but spices enhance their flavour.

Wild Mushrooms

Raw eggs shouldn't be eaten due to Salmonella contamination. To kill microorganisms, boil the egg to 62°C.


Menu footnotes indicating that raw meat and poultry should not be consumed should always be read.

Beef, Pork, & ChickeN

Many meals include cassava. Raw root and leaves contain cyanide and should be baked or roasted for best taste and safety.


Raw eggplant possesses the same glycoalkaloid component as raw potatoes, solanine, which isn't fatal but isn't optimal.


Boiling zucchini is healthier than frying or steaming. Leave the skin intact, as it contains the greatest nutrients.


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