Oatmeal Effect On Your Gut Health

Oats and oat bran were found to considerably increase stool weight and minimise constipation in a major systematic study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in adults

reduce constipation

Constipation symptoms like gas, straining, and a sense of incomplete evacuation may be alleviated by oatmeal, according to a study conducted on children in 2020.

You'll notice an improvement in your digestive system when you consume this type of fibre, which also helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.

Slows Digestion,Keeping You Fuller Longer

To keep you feeling full longer, it generates a viscous gel-like substance in the GI system, which slows down digestion.

Prebiotic fibre, a type of fibre that promotes the health of the microbiome, is a great way to do this..

feeds your microbiome with prebiotic fiber

This is where beta-glucan really shines. For example, it's been found to aid the growth and colonisation of beneficial gut bacteria as a prebiotic fibre.

Ulcerative colitis sufferers may benefit from increasing their intake of oat bran in their diets, according to several studies.

might improve symptoms of bowel diseases

Oats, on the other hand, are a perfect grain for those with celiac disease because they are gluten-free. (If you're concerned about cross-contamination, look for gluten-free oatmeal; otherwise,

it's possible that the grains were processed in the same facility as wheat.) Although additional research is needed to draw definitive results, it's likely that oats' microbiome-boosting

prebiotic fibre could help alleviate symptoms of celiac disease.However, if you're experiencing diarrhoea as a result of an IBD or celiac disease flare, you may want to avoid oats.


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