Side Effect of Eating Red Meat

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There are numerous reasons to consider cutting back on beef, pork, and other types of meat. Doing so could help alleviate joint pain

decrease inflammation, and lower your risk of fatty liver disease.

new research links a nutrient in red meat to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, meaning cutting back on this food may also have a vital impact 

Previous studies have linked TMAO to increased cholesterol in the arteries.

Thus, it may not only increase your risk of cardiovascular disease risk but also your risk of stroke.

If you're a fan of red meat who's interested in cutting back but are struggling with the idea of completely eliminating it from your diet, consider starting small

"Instead of going cold turkey, you can start by reducing the portion sizes," she suggests.

As an added bonus, committing to going meatless Mondays would not only benefit your health but also give you the chance to explore a ton of new recipes

When possible, Parvantes-Hargitt also recommends subbing out red meat for other hearty proteins as you aim to let vegetables play a more central role in your diet.

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