Side Effects of Eating Farmed Salmon

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"Salmon is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids that offer well-known benefits for the heart and brain,"

boost in protein

Because of those omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy unsaturated fats can help reduce inflammation in your body

risk of disease

"The debate as to whether or not you should eat farmed salmon is a common one. To help with the dilemma, consider this; Salmon is a heart-healthy food


The difference in sustainable and unsustainable farmed salmon practices is the key differentiator here. It all circles back again to the feed of the fish

chemicals as well

Remember: Fish fat is not a bad thing. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are incredibly healthy for your body, so don't be afraid of a fish with a little fat on it.

consume more fat

it needs to roam free and intermingle with other wild species. However, because companies like BluGlacier can't determine what will happen to their fish 

"There's a really big misconception all the time that wild salmon is like roaming free out in the wild, but you know, I can't speak for all producers


but [some] wild salmon is produced and grows in a tank, then released into the wild to consume whatever natural resources

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