Side Effects of Eating Frozen Foods

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The CDC says that more than 70% of the sodium Americans consume comes from processed foods, which include frozen meals. 

increase your bp

the average frozen meal contains 935 milligrams of sodium, which is the equivalent of 40% of your daily recommended intake.

The most commonly-reported reasons why people don't eat fruits and veggies are that fruits and vegetables go bad quickly

fruits and vegetables

All of these problems can be solved by purchasing frozen produce. Frozen foods have long shelf lives, can conveniently be stored in your freezer

Frozen pizza is one of the more popular frozen foods Americans buy. If this food is a staple in your freezer, you should be aware that you may be putting your heart at risk.

taxing your heart

One of the major side effects of eating frozen pizza is increasing your risk of heart disease. Frozen pies are high in heart-taxing saturated fat from cheese as well as bp

Fresh isn't always best. Produce is picked fresh on a farm, but then it has to go through the process of getting packaged, shipped, put on display at a supermarket


where it can sit for days before you purchase it—and then finally brought home, where, again, it can sit in a fruit basket on your counter for a few more days before being eaten.

Manufacturers often use preservatives in frozen meals to prolong shelf life. One of the more popular additives used in frozen food is butylated hydroxyanisole


or BHA. Unfortunately for you, BHA may increase the risk of cancer and is classified as a potential endocrine disruptor by the European Union.

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