Side Effects of Giving Up Chocolate

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Chocolate naturally contains caffeine. And for some people who are used to consuming caffeine regularly, giving it up suddenly can result in a headache.


If you are eating large quantities of chocolate, especially the varieties that are loaded with sugar, you may lose weight when you stop eating it. 

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Chocolate is a food that can relax an area of the digestive system, allowing acid to enter the esophagus and make a person feel what is known as heartburn or acid reflux. 

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If you are someone who experiences migraines, cutting chocolate from your diet may help you combat an episode, although more evidence is needed.

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Yes, you may feel a mood shift simply because you are giving up a favorite food. But since both cocoa and chocolate are literal mood-enhancing food

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What you put inside your body can be just as important as what you put on your skin if you are focused on experiencing less acne.

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Dark chocolate is chock-full of heart-healthy nutrients. And eating it is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) death

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Of course, if you are opting for the sugary chocolate options that are loaded with caramel and other non-nutritive additions, limiting your intake would be wise

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