Skin-brightening Foods to Eat

Beta-carotene- and vitamin A-rich. Carrots' vitamin A decreases skin cancer risk and improves eyesight. It cures sun damage and sunburns.


Vitamin C increases collagen formation and prevents free radical damage. Vitamin E is abundant. It decreases wrinkles and discoloration.

Yellow Bell Pepper

Vitamin A, C, Zinc, and carotenoids make skin healthy and glow. It inhibits sunburn and free radical damage. Even other cruciferous vegetables are skin-friendly.


Kale is the best source of vitamin K, which speeds healing by clotting blood. It decreases oxidative stress, an anti-aging skin benefit.


Vitamins A, C, iron, and potassium increase skin suppleness and make it sparkle. Super seed contains Omega-3 for healthy skin.

Chia Seeds

It is rich in vitamin E, which helps heal damaged skin cells and protects the skin from sun damage. Additionally, it is a source of calcium and healthful fats.


The electrolytes and minerals included in coconut water help to hydrate the skin. They make dry skin more supple.

Coconut Water

Cocoa antioxidants slow skin ageing. Dark chocolate's flavonoids smooth skin and give sun protection.

Dark Chocolate

Soy helps post-menopausal skin dryness and collagen. Soy improves skin suppleness and minimises fine lines, wrinkles, and skin malignancies.


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