Teeth-whitening therapies

Crushed mint and basil reduce bad breath, tartar, and plaque after toothpaste brushing. The toothpaste's medicinal properties and menthol make it good.

Mint & Basil Leaves

Vinegar and honey clean teeth. Vinegar destroys bacteria and honey smooths teeth.

Vinegar & Honey

Clove powder and salt whiten teeth naturally, say experts. Clove and salt destroy bacteria and fungus.

Clove & Salt

Banana has potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Using the peel to clean teeth and gums every other day strengthens and shines them.

Banana Peel

Twice a week, baking soda and lime aid gums. Baking soda dissolves stains and lime freshens breath. The mixture assists caffeine addicts.

Baking Soda & Lime

Using neem bark (powder or bark) thrice a week to clean teeth and gums is beneficial. Bad breath is eliminated.

Neem Bark

Ground orange peel and lemon can be used twice a week in lukewarm water to clean teeth. Both fade yellow stains.

Orange & Lemon Peel Powder

Plaque and stains can be removed with sesame seed paste. Sesame seeds' calcium helps gums and teeth shine.

Sesame Seeds

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