Birmans have silky coats, snowy mittens, and blue eyes. White gloving on the hind paws extends in a V-shape up the hock.


The gorgeous Abyssinian has a silky, textured coat, expressive eyes, and lovely coloration highlighted by 'ticking,' not stripes or tabby patterns.


Maine Coon's functional beauty invokes New England. Awn and guard hairs drape. Down hair close to the skin prevents abrasion and warms ears and paw pads.

Maine Coon

Bombays are unusual dogs that were bred from a Burmese with a black American Shorthair with copper eyes. Medium-length, strong, round head, short muzzle.


the Cornish Rex's soft fur, like a bunny or lamb's, lacks "guard hairs" and makes them "excellent shoulder and lap cats." The breed has high cheekbones, a large snout, oval eyes, and big ears.

Cornish Rex

Miller deems the sonorous, satin-coated Siamese "the essence of balance and refinement" Siamese 'colour points' were palace guards in ancient Siam


Miller calls this breed "ethereal" "A white Persian with clear copper eyes, a charming smile, and a long, flowing coat is magnificent."


The Russian Blue's elegant, velvety double coat is pale blue with silver tips. "This is a graceful, slender, strong cat,"

Russian Blue

Persia and Armenia sent long-haired cats to 16th-century Europe. Longhaired Turkish Angoras are "beautiful and graceful with an interesting history"

Turkish Angora

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