Shiitake to oyster mushrooms all offer protein. White mushrooms have the most, and they're common.

White Mushrooms

Protein. Per ear, corn has 3 grammes of protein. Corn is protein-rich compared to most veggies. Corn is a grain, not a vegetable.


Asparagus is a vegetarian protein powerhouse. It's used in countless plant-based meals, such spaghetti and prawns or pickled with garlic.


Broccoli is a fantastic source of protein and fibre. You can't go wrong with a cancer-fighting veggie.


Low-calorie, nutrient-dense veggies are great in sheet pan dinners, roasted sides, and on pizzas.


Sweet potatoes deliver vitamin A and work with practically every meal, from breakfast smoothies to gut-friendly dinners. Beta-carotene boosts vision, skin, and immunity.

 Sweet Potatoes

Brussels sprouts complement most diets. Protein, fibre, and vitamins are plentiful. Protein content of Brussels sprouts Brussels sprouts (88 g) have 3 g of protein.

Brussels Sprouts

There are several ways in which spinach can improve one's health. The luxuriant vegetation is in good health.


Peanuts are vegetables. With 8 grammes of protein per ounce, it's a perfect gym snack. Pancakes and tacos use legumes.


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