The health advantages of lemon water

Acid digests food. That's why we have so much. Lemons' acid may help boost ageing stomach acid levels.

Aids in digestion

Few drink enough water. Starting your day with lemon water is easy. How much is enough? Almost clear.

Stay hydrated

Habitual. Try lemon water instead of OJ or latte. Multiple 20 months by 10 years. Hey, waistline.

Slimming down-friendly

Lemons contain phytonutrients, which fight disease. These phytonutrients protect cell damage from oxidation, which creates rust.

Prevents oxidation

Half a lemon in water adds 6 calories. Plus, you'll get more than a sixth of your daily vitamin C, which protects cells and repairs injuries.

Vitamin C-rich

The body needs potassium. It's needed for nerve-muscle communication, nutrition delivery, and blood pressure regulation. Potassium-rich lemons.


Lemon water prevents urinary citrate-deficient stones (a form of citric acid). Dehydration is a common cause of kidney stones.

Helps prevent kidney stones

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