Most Popular Dog Breeds

Each breed has unique traits, thus it fits a different lifestyle. If you can't handle the burden of a dog but still want one, a dog statue may be the answer.

Labradors are too sociable and companion-oriented. Labradors love kids, other dogs, and strangers. They're smart and easily trained.


This breed is smart, loyal, and tough. These traits make German shepherds ideal assistance canines. These dogs love to play. They're fantastic for energetic people.

German Shepherd

Golden Retrievers are family-friendly. They're affectionate. Their good disposition makes them great with all ages.

Golden Retrievers

Loyal Frenchies. It's good with other dogs and kids, making it a good family pet. Petite and friendly, French bulldogs make great watchdogs.

French Bulldogs

Elegant, poised poodles. Poodles were originally hunting dogs. Poodles can swim and retrieve. The attractive haircut improves the poodle's swimming.


Beagles are devoted to their human companions, but they also have a strong sense of independence, which is why they are so good at detecting out contraband at customs or bedbugs in hotels.


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