Mustangs are free-roaming, Spanish-descended Western U.S. horses. Mustangs are feral because they were once domesticated.


American Quarter Horses are excellent sprinters. Named for its ability to outrun other horse breeds in quarter-mile races, some have reached 44 mph.

 American Quarter Horse

The Appaloosa is a spotted American horse breed. Multiple horse breeds have influenced the breed's physique forms over time.


American Shetland Ponies are American ponies. Cross-breeding with various horse and pony breeds made the Shetland Pony taller and more beautiful.

 American Shetland Pony

Tennessee Walking Horses have showy four-beat running-walks. Calm temperament, flowing gaits, and surefootedness make it a favourite.

Tennessee Walking Horse

The Morgan horse is a U.S. original. Figure, renamed Justin Morgan after his owner, was the foundation sire.

Morgan Horse

The American Cream Draft's coat is cream or "gold champagne." Old Granny was a cream-colored mare in Iowa in the early 1900s.

American Cream Draft

U.S.-bred Florida Cracker Horses. It's genetically and physically related to Spanish Colonials. Gaited Florida Cracker is quick.

Florida Cracker Horse

The American Paint Horse combines western stock horse morphology with white and dark pinto patterning.

American Paint Horse

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