These Strange Food Pairings Are Delicious

1. The Apple and Cheese Combo

Imagine discovering a flavor combination that tantalizes your taste senses as a child. One user raves about apples and cheese.

2. Lemon Juice on Pizza

On a movie night, a gourmet bought a meat-filled pizza from a friend. The host soaked the pizza with lemon juice from the fridge, surprising their taste buds.

3. Peanut Butter Waffles or Pancakes

This user was hesitant to attempt waffles or toast with peanut butter and syrup as a youngster. However, the distinct and wonderful flavor shocked them.

4. Lingonberry Jam on Meatballs

Another foodie recommends lingonberry jam with meatballs or meatloaf, a Swedish favorite. Swedish savory dishes often use this tangy and sweet jam.

5. Fritos and Caramel Dip

Behold a knowledgeable user's creative gourmet pairing of Fritos with a rich spread of caramel dip, Alton Brown's favorite delight.

6. Lime Zest on Pineapple

A knowledgeable commenter shared a delectable pineapple-enhancing secret: lime zest. 

7. Mango Jelly Grilled Cheese

Prepare to be delighted by a brave user's grilled cheese sandwich with mango jam.

8. Lychee and Ginger Mixer

A visionary reveals a delicious lychee-ginger combo. Lychee's sweetly sweet and sweet flavor and ginger's invigorating heat make an ideal mixture to quench your desire for adventure.

9. Cheese and Honey Pairing

Cheese and honey taste well together, as an inquisitive eater found. The user suggests trying several combinations but prefers a strong blue cheese with honey.

10. Salty Sweet Combos: Salt and Watermelon and Chocolate Milk and Salt

The last use says they found an unusual meal combo after watching Modern Family.

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