As producers sought larger-framed, heavier cattle than the conventional British breeds, Charolais became a popular choice in the United States cattle sector.


Early maturity and fattening abilities made Herefords popular in the U.S. Herefords are long-lived, gentle, easy calvers, decent milkers, and good moms.


Simmental is a prominent and ancient cattle breed. The red and white critters were initially transported to the U.S. They're big but calve easily and gain weight well.


Texas Longhorns can be any colour, although dark red and white are most common. "Survival of the fittest" created the Texas Longhorn

Texas Longhorn

Polled cattle were generated from hornless foundation females. Fans praise the breed's fertility, calving ease, mothering, and calf growth.


However, despite the fact that black and white cattle are the most common type of dairy cattle, Holsteins are never utilised for breeding stock or milk production.


Golden-red breed from Limousin and Marche. Oklahoma, Texas, and South Dakota have Limousin. There are over a million users.


Long horns and a double coat mean Highlands need minimal shelter, nutrients, or expensive food. They're cold- and snow-resistant. They're Alaskan and Scandinavian.


Angus cattle are easy to calve, good moms, and feed efficient. In the 19th century, Black Angus cattle arrived in Kansas.

Black Angus

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